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Nur76 Skin Whitening 2-in-1
Nur76 Skin Whitening 3-in-1

Nur76 Skin Whitening Review


The Good: Does everything the as described in the package/advert. Lightens skin colour, fades out freckles and uneven skin tones and make the overall skin vibrant and radiant looking. Works on Melasma too. Some people have even reported that it works well as an anti-ageing. Offers an amazing 90 day 100% money back if it does not work on your skin.

The Bad: A little more expensive compared to other products

Customer Experience:

I have heard a lot of rave reviews from so many people writing about Nur76 but I wanted to find out for myself, so I called up the company to ask more about the ingredient list and was curious to find out how it delivered such great result on the skin. I discovered the products contained a lot of skin nutrients to help boost healing, reverse ageing and at the same time work as a skin whitening.

The Nur76 product is definitely worth giving a try especially if you are looking for a healthy looking skin and also if you are looking for something safe to reduce dark pigmentation on the skin and lighten the skin tone at the same time. This product also offers a 90 day money back guarantee, which other products do not offer. So this means if this does not work on your skin you get all your money back. That's what you call confidence.

Nur76 Skin Whitening (30ml Serum and 30 ml Cream)
Nur76 Skin Whitening Advanced (30ml Advanced Serum, 30ml Advanced Cream & 30ml Protector)

Price: £47 to £97.00 Star Buy -Top rated reviews on this item.

Where to find it: UK Skin Whitening Shop


Arbutin Skin Whitening Review


The Good: Makes the skin feel smoother and firmer. Helps to stop spots from appearing. Give the skin a silky fresh feeling. Easy to use with the dropper.

The Bad: The product does not offer any money back guarantees. Also it is reported that skin becomes more sensitive after you stop using this product. Does not show any changes in the skin as to lighten the skin.

User Feedback: This serum does give the skin a more smoother and firmer feel, however the serum does not visibly show to prove that it lighten the skin tones. once you stop using this serum the skin becomes how it was before using the product.

Arbutin Skin Whitening 30ml Serum

Price: £27.00

Where to find it: Pharmacies


Age Spot - Dark Marks Remover Review


The Good: The skin does look good after using the product, leaves the skin feeling smooth and fresh. The good thing about this cream is the fact that it last longer than most face creams you get nowadays. It comes in a 50 ml container. Also the cream smells better than most of the other skin whitening products.

The Bad: The product does not offer any money back guarantees. Also it does not work as skin lightener or nor does it prove to reduce dark marks on skin surface.

User Feedback: Feels good, looks good and even smells great. This is a value for money product and does make the skin look more fresher. The only disadvantage of this product is the fact that the skin does not lighted, it just makes the skin feel fresh and clean.

This product may not give make your skin lighter in complexion however it certainly gives the skin a refreshing look once used.

Age Spot - Dark Marks Remover 50ml

Price: £27.00

Where to find it: Medik8 Internet Shop

Provenance Dark Spots Cream Review


The Good: This cream comes in a 60ml container and is very good value for money. The cream does leave the skin feel moisturised. It also helps to conceal dark uneven marks.

The Bad: The product does not offer any money back guarantees. Some people have reported that it made their skin feel more dry after they stopped using the product. it does not deliver as a skin lightener or dark mark remover, however it does help conceal temporarily.

User Feedback: Very good value for money for 60ml container. It lasts for over 2 months, which is pretty good. However the only disappointment I got was that my skin became flaky and too dry when I did not use the product.

Provenance Dark Spots Cream 60ml

Price: £15.00

Where to find it: Express Chemist


Dark Marks Away Review


The Good: Skin Doctors 'Dark Marks Away' is easy to use and it is not very expensive. Has a very nice package. The cream works well as a concealer for dark marks. Cream has a nice texture and looks nice on skin.

The Bad: The product does not offer any money back guarantees. Make the skin feel dry and also some people have reported that it causes dryness and irritation.

User Feedback: When the cream is applied on the skin it gives the skin a light glow like a light concealer. However after a few usage the skin becomes sensitive and dryness and other irritation develops.

Dark Mark Away 30ml

Price: £15.00

Where to find it: Dermalife Shop and some pharmacies

Extra Strong Skin Whitening 30 Day System Review


The Good: Lightens the skin as a concealer. 3 different containers; Serum, cream and moisturizer.

The Bad: Causes dryness and irritation, skin become sensitive after usage. No Money back Guarantee.

User Feedback: The serum gives a tingly sensation and after awhile makes the skin feel itchy and irritation starts to develop. Although it is fancy that there are three products to use at the same time, only the moisturiser feels good on the skin.

Extra Strong Skin Whitening 30 Day System 30ml each

Price: £50.00

Where to find it: Urist Cosmetics Shop

Intense White Serum Review


The Good: Lightens only as a concealer. The serum feels light on the skin. Makes the skin feel moisturised like a deep moisturizing cream. Fancy bottle and smells great.

The Bad: Over priced and works just like a moisturizing cream, does not prove to show that it lightens the skin. No money back guarantee.

User Feedback: Although this cream feels good, its just overpriced and does not prove to show that it works as a skin whitening product. It is definitely is not intense whitening, it is more like a intense moisturiser.

Intense White Serum 30ml

Price: £149.99

Where to find it:Euoko Shop

Fair & Lovely Review


The Good: Lightens the face like a powder foundation, smells of nice perfume. One of the cheapest Skin lightener to buy, only £4.00 or sometimes less from Asian store. This product is very popular in India.

The Bad: Does not lighten the skin, causes spots from blocked pore. After long term use make the skin look dry and unhealthy.

User Feedback: It is like a thick powdery paste on the face and your face only looks white when this paste is applied and after when you wash it off you face goes back to normal colour. After a week of applying this cream small red spots starts to appear on skin because the skin pore gets blocked.

Fair & Lovely 30ml

Price: £4.00

Where to find it: Unilever Online and many local Asian groceries shops.

Young Again


Kojic Acid Review


The Good: Nice cream texture. and pretty cheap to buy.

The Bad: This cream is not suitable for sensitive skin type. It causes dryness and other reported irritation.

User Feedback: Most customers reported that it caused dryness and flaky skin. Skin becomes more sensitive.

Kojic Acid 50ml

Price: £7.00

Where to find it: Young Again Shop

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